Issues and challenges

Emery Little is a wealth management firm that has three generations of the Little family actively involved with private clients. Emery Little have a refreshing approach to wealth management, helping clients make the most of their money and get the most out of life.What makes them stand out is the emphasis they place on ‘living life on purpose’. Emery Little collaborate with clients to create bespoke financial plans, which blend financial prudence with a passion for utilising money to fulfil dreams and aspirations.

Over the years the branding was tired and out of date and Emery Little came to Redfern for advice.

How we helped

Redfern were asked to help identify a new brand proposition, brand values and a new identity. We facilitated a brand workshop with key the stakeholders - almost the entire Emery Little team. The workshop was highly successful and allowed Redfern to establish a set of brand values, brand tone-of-voice and proposition: ‘true wealth management’. The proposition was driven by the rather enlightened belief that wealth is to be enjoyed! True wealth, in the Emery Little sense, is the wealth of your life and how you live it.

The logo uses Jo Little’s signature - adding a ‘joie de vivre’ to the logo and articulating the proposition. Redfern designed and built the web site and client facing materials.