A unique proposition

Eelah knows that the most successful entrepreneurs have a passion for their business – a cause beyond the profit – that propels them to succeed. Once success has been achieved in one respect, what next?

Having spent their first year meeting with founders and executives of successful tech start-ups. Eelah listened to their concerns, questions, stories and hopes for the future. The result is a financial planning service that is tailored to meet the shared needs of this unique group of people, whilst championing the individuality of each person’s goals.

Why such an unusual name?

In the jungle of Borneo, lies a small village called Bario. It is home to an indigenous tribe of people - the Kelabits, and this is where Jo's maternal bloodline is descended from.

The word 'Ilah' in the Kelabit language is used to describe ‘wisdom’ or ‘the ability to think and act with knowledge, insight and good judgement’. We loved the meaning behind this, so we created the name Eelah as a variation on Ilah. 

An identity representing insight and reflected wisdom 

Redfern created a logo and entire visual language that encapsulates the Eelah philosophy