Brand Consultancy

Modern brands are about dialogue, not monologue. They form strong bonds with customers, based on trust, authenticity and connection. Our Branding Consultancy ensures that you have the right starting point to make the right connections.

On this page we list six key stages of a full Brand Consultancy programme. However, Redfern realises your brand may not require the entire six-stage approach and we often work with clients on just a few of the steps described below.

Six steps to Brand Identity creation and management

At Redfern we believe there are six key steps to creating a brand and ensuring it is applied effectively. It goes without saying that Redfern are experts in every step.

Step one: The Brief - setting out the need and expectation

  • Commencing a brand identity project without a creative brief is like trying to build a house without plans, elevations and foundations. A brief doesn't need to be complex - only the essential details need to be involved.
  • Define the situation. Explain the reason behind the need to look at your brand
  • Set down the objectives
  • Describe the audience
  • Define your organisation’s product or services
  • Strategy - the creative bridge between your ‘offering’ and your 'audience'
  • The creative tone
  • The budget
  • Deadline for completion
  • Write the creative brief with Redfern.

Working with us at this early stage helps ensure a better understanding of your needs and the creative team are on-board with deliverables and expectations.

Step two: Discovery - the Brand Workshop

We have wide experience in bringing people together at employee, middle/senior management and Board level in Brand Workshops - to find the connections between their ideas and help them move them on to their next stage of growth. Redfern’s role in Brand Workshops is to facilitate conversation, identify consensus, guide through complexity, record the findings and follow-up with recommendations for the Brand.

Here at Redfern we have two large meeting rooms we can occupy for the entire duration, with 50” plasma screens, wipe-boards and WiFi connections. Along with the fine coffee provided by the restaurant we believe the facilities are very conducive to the best Brand Workshop experience.

Each Brand Workshop is different. They are customised to suit the client, the budget, the number of attendees and of course the brief. Redfern will draw-up a Brand Workshop agenda and share it with key stakeholders before sign-off. The core of the Brand Workshop is a session that focuses on the following building blocks of a brand:

  • What you do - your products and services and a definition of the sector you operate in
  • What benefits your product and services bring to clients
  • What you stand for - you Values - what you believe in or motivates you
  • Your attributes - the good things clients say and think about you
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition - your USP. What differentiates you from your competition
  • Your Brand’s visual and verbal ‘tone of voice’ or style - how you would like to come across in communications
  • Your Brand Essence or your Brand Proposition - the critically important offer that will engage with your audience.

Step three: Capturing the Brand Workshop Output

A Brand Workshop is an intense but rewarding experience that inevitably provides deep and collaborative insight into the future vision of your brand. Many ideas will be nurtured and shared, consensus will be achieved and an exciting new future for your brand will start to emerge. During the Brand Workshop Redfern will be taking notes and recording the conclusions. These notes will be formatted into a document that includes recommendations for your new brand.

Step four: Brand Positioning

A brand positioning statement is a short statement that clearly articulates your product or service's unique value, and how it benefits customers. Ultimately it must be true, engaging, memorable and sustainable. It must define the audience, define the category in which the brand exists, cite a clear product or service benefit, set your brand apart from your competitors, and instil confidence the brand will deliver on its promise.

Step five: Brand Creation: Expressing the brand

This is the stage where Redfern will start investigating the visual manifestation of the brand. This might simply involve looking at the logo, or the wider picture, where we start to identify imagery and language. It might include either evolving an existing brand or creating an entirely new brand from inception. Ultimately Redfern will be focused on ensuring the new identity is aligned with the new Brand Positioning.

Step six: Brand Identity Guidelines

Redfern are experts in writing Brand Identity guidelines for large or small organisations. The goal of guidelines is to protect the strength and integrity of your brand so that it continues to create value for your company. Brand guidelines achieve this by explaining the importance of your brand and describing how to use the elements of the brand, such as corporate identity and the brand name. Your Brand Guidelines should provide a comprehensive and easy to use manual for anyone who uses your brand and its components in their work, including employees, designers and marketing agencies.