The College of Podiatry is a membership organisation representing 10,500 foot healthcare practitioners in the UK. The College represents, informs and supports its members through various communication channels including a magazine, a web site, an annual conference, various publications and policy documents and practitioner training. 

Through time, the College’s communications had become diverse and inconsistent. Liz North, Director of External Affairs, asked Redfern to create a fresh and consistent look and feel across all media, produce an identity guidelines and provide design templates for the College’s in-house publications team.

Follow the line

We created a simple and practical look and feel that featured a ‘feet on the ground’ horizon line running across all communications. The illustration style is a simple unbroken horizon line that leaps into the air and creates people and objects.

A cohesive look

Our designs included an entire suite of literature, reports, white papers, magazines and practitioner in-surgery support materials.

Giving guidance

We created an easy-to-use identity guidelines for the in-house publications department. The guidelines included specification for typefaces, colours, use of the logo photography and illustration style and how to layout publications.