The ITI Group is a global investment and technology company based in London, with representative offices in New York and Tokyo. The founders, with many years of experience, came together in 2012 with the aim of transforming the provision of financial services for retail investors by offering accessible absolute return funds whilst minimising investment costs and expenses for the retail investor – thus democratising the investment process.

‘Helping anyone invest successfully’ is ITI Group's mission. The world faces a savings and investment crisis with too few adequately providing for their families and for their retirement. Whilst the wealthy gain access to sophisticated investment products, the remainder are only offered expensive exposure to market risk, which in many case is inappropriate and unsuccessful. The ITI Group aims to reduce this inequality of outcome.

With a framework of a key stakeholder workshop, Redfern helped the Group identify its unique propostion, created an identity and all the collateral, include web sites and design for print.